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Entrepreneurial Heritage.

Inflection Point Investing.

Shared Purpose.

“Partnering with the right investor is one of the toughest choices one can make. In Forestay, we could not have asked more for an investor with a more long-term focus, experience and vision alignment to join our journey.”

Rui Sales, Co-founder & President

Stratio – Portugal

“A lot of VCs said, ‘hey, we invest in teams sustainably and long term’ — they disappeared. Many even came back two weeks later, once the initial spike in corona anxiety calmed down. “They said ‘sorry, we were tied up before, but we’re still interested’. On the other hand, Forestay, they were just there. They followed up, they meant it and it showed; they were in it for the long haul.”

Fritz Trott, Founder & CEO

Zenjob – Germany

“The Forestay team is professional and respectful of our time. Fred Wohlwend led Forestay’s investment in Wasabi and quickly recognized the nature of the opportunity. They moved quickly without a lot of haggling and agreed to a very clean deal that was fair for both sides. I’d recommend Forestay to other CEOs.”

David Friend, Founder & CEO

Wasabi – USA

“Working with Forestay is great, always professional and positive, always focused on the progress of our company. Fred and Deborah ask the right questions and work with us to get to the right answers while being a true partner.”

Itzik Levy, Founder & CEO

vCita – USA / Israel

“From the start, it was clear that Fred Wohlwend and his team could bring in much more than just funding, as they have deep knowledge of the tech and health space, as well as insights in business models and strategy.”

Wim Van Hecke, Founder & CEO

Icometrix – Belgium

Forestay is more than just a VC fund, it’s a family

Forestay was founded as the digital tech arm of a family-oriented investment group, B-FLEXION (formerly Waypoint Capital), that traces its successes in business and its enduring values back across generations.

B-FLEXION is an entrepreneurial private investment firm that manages various investment funds, seeding and building businesses in technology, private equity, real estate and hedge funds, and focuses on growing operating businesses in transformative industries.

We are entrepreneurial, our involvement is active, our interaction is human.

Forestay designs growth strategies for and with Founders

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