Forestay champions visionary teams reaching growth inflection points.


  • Industry

    Enterprise, SaaS, Data & Automation

  • Geography

    Primarily Europe & Israel,
    Opportunistically East coast USA

  • Investment Stage

    Revenue generating,
    Proven product-market fit,
    Series A-C

  • Investment Size

    $10-20M initial,
    with reserves for follow-ons

Our approach to working
alongside founders

We build and nurture tight relationships
with our founders.

We bring our entrepreneurial experience
and expertise to scale businesses.

We partner with future category leaders
for the long haul.

Founder testimonials

If you are a CEO or a founder who is looking for an investor to partner with, someone to work with on a daily basis, someone that will go out of his way and risk his personal brand for you, someone that is fair and stands behind his word, I would strongly recommend considering Forestay as an investor and partner.

Achi Rotem, Founder & CEO

From the start, it was clear that Fred Wohlwend and his team could bring in much more than just funding, as they have deep knowledge of the tech and health space, as well as insights in business models and strategy.

Wim Van Hecke, Founder & CEO