We partner with visionary teams reaching growth inflection points

  • Investment Philosophy

    Our investment focus is centred on Enterprise AI & SaaS, which we believe holds the potential to revolutionise industries.

    ​​We target investments in early-growth stage companies (typically in Series A-C rounds) across Europe, Israel & the east coast of the US.

  • Investment Themes

    We invest in companies that harness the power of AI and Data with proven and proprietary technology, scalable business models, and exceptional management. We have identified four core investment themes which can capitalize on this:

    • AI / ML Infrastructure
    • Data Infrastructure
    • Cybersecurity
    • Productivity & Automation
  • Investment Size

    We seek to lead investment rounds in companies which meet our investment criteria. We typically write $10-15M initial tickets and keep significant reserves for follow-on investments. However, for the right opportunity, exceptions can be made.

  • How we work

    We perform deep disciplined due diligence and quickly come to conviction on investment opportunities.

    We seek to add value from day one and actively put our sector and scaling expertise to work to deliver significant growth within five years of investment.

Founder testimonials

If you are a CEO or a founder who is looking for an investor to partner with, someone to work with on a daily basis, someone that will go out of his way and risk his personal brand for you, someone that is fair and stands behind his word, I would strongly recommend considering Forestay as an investor and partner.

Achi Rotem, Founder & CEO

From the start, it was clear that Fred Wohlwend and his team could bring in much more than just funding, as they have deep knowledge of the tech and health space, as well as insights in business models and strategy.

Wim Van Hecke, Founder & CEO

Forestay was founded in 2018 as the enterprise software fund of B-FLEXION, the private entrepreneurial investment firm established by the Bertarelli family, known for building Serono into the third-largest biotech business globally before its merger with Merck KGaA.

B-FLEXION partners with sophisticated capital to deliver exceptional value over the generations.​ As well as its investment funds seeding and building businesses in technology, private equity, real estate and hedge funds, B-FLEXION also focuses on growing operating businesses in transformative industries. Building on its heritage and of that of its founder and Chairman, these have been principally in life sciences, healthcare and digital health.