Marieke Christmann

Senior Principal

Prior to joining Forestay, Marieke worked at Octopus Ventures, focusing on SaaS investments at Series B and beyond in the UK, Europe and North America. She led Octopus’ investments in Ometria and Glofox and served on the board of nine portfolio companies. She draws on over 10 years of experience in technology investing and banking in London and Frankfurt.

Marieke grew up in Germany, in a region neighbouring Luxembourg and France, attending a French school. She studied in Mannheim, Germany and Monterrey, Mexico – where she picked up Spanish, mediocre salsa skills and a passion for spicy food. Outside of work, Marieke loves to spend time in the mountains and attend music festivals – or, ideally, music festivals in the mountains.




Enterprise, Cloud / SaaS, Future of Work & Productivity, Automation

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